The Can't Miss 420 Event

April 20th, known around the globe as "420," transcended its underground origins to become a day of celebration, advocacy, and unity. What began as a secret code among group of high school students in the 1970s blossomed into an international phenomenon, symbolizing not just a call for the normalization and legalization of cannabis but also a day to celebrate freedom, peace, and community.

Beyond its political and social implications, 420 also become a beacon for entertainers, particularly in the world of music. Artists and bands from diverse genres recognize the day by performing at concerts and events that embody the spirit of 420 – bringing together communities through the universal language of music.

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the vibes of 420 through music, there's an event that stands out as a must-visit celebration. A tour featuring a collective that’s making their presence felt in the NYC music scene:

kld wave tour

The - All Verses Lead To - Tour

Led by KLD WAVE(his given name is Wave), W.A.V.E by WAVE is a collective that became a sanctuary for artists like Кapital X, Diamond-Jo, DelMarie Forbes. Wave formed the collective to create a community of artists that help each other grow and achieve success. As the saying goes “a rising tide lifts all ships.”

KLD WAVE’s name is an acronym for Keep Living Dreams, We Are Valuable Every Day. This became his mantra and mission, echoing it through the streets where he performs and into the souls of those who dared to dream beyond their circumstances.

Music was not a choice for Wave; it was a calling. He saw the barriers that artists faced, the doors that seemed closed to them, and he decided to become the key. The heart with a seven symbol on his back became the emblem of this mission—representing universal love and the ambition to touch every continent with a message of unity and purpose. Unlike the corporate logos that symbolized profit over people, this symbol stood for something greater: the collective heartbeat of humanity striving for a better tomorrow.

Growing up in South Jamaica, Wave witnessed the struggles of his community firsthand. The silent battles, the dreams deferred, the voices stifled by circumstance. This environment, harsh yet nurturing, shaped his music and his message. It was God, he believed, who guided him on this path, introducing him to the souls who would become part of his journey, part of the narrative he was destined to tell. His music became a reminder that to keep living dreams was not just an aspiration but a necessity, a way to rise above the conditions that sought to define them.

The story of his first song, "One Life," encapsulated this message. Inspired by the legends Tupac and Nas, Wave crafted a narrative about making the most of the single life we are given, about rising to become the next legend in a lineage of greatness. It was a declaration, a challenge to the status quo, delivered with the raw energy of a freestyle but the precision of a poet. His process, a blend of melody and words, freestyle and composition, was a testament to his belief in the divine inspiration of music, a gift that flowed through him, from the beat to the message, from his soul to the world.

WAVE's journey was more than just a story of music; it was a testament to the power of dreams and the strength of community. Through W.A.V.E. by WAVE, he offered a platform for those who felt unseen, a voice for those who were unheard, and a reminder that we are all valuable, every day, in every way.

The – All Verses Lead To - Tour is more than just a concert; it's a gathering that encapsulates the essence of the 420 movement — unity, celebration, and a shared vision for a future where the cannabis culture is recognized and respected. It's an opportunity to enjoy great music, connect with the community, and be part of a movement that is about much more than just one day on the calendar.

Whether you're a long-time supporter of the 420 movement, someone curious about the culture, or just in it for the love of music, events like The – All Verses Lead To - Tour offer a unique and inclusive experience. So, mark your calendar, grab your tickets, and get ready to immerse yourself in the spirit of 4/20 Saturday. It's an event you won't want to miss!

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