Our First Artist Spotlight - Nory

Nory - Artist Spotlight

At Ckord, we want to highlight emerging artists that aren’t household names…yet. To do this, we’re kicking off a series called Artist Spotlight where we will feature artists that we think are brilliant, but haven’t yet reached rock star status.

The first artist we’re featuring is Nory. Nory is a Saudi-American rapper, producer, composer, and many other things. He blends various genres and has a mission to put on a good show.

We attended his show at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn - a great music venue by the way - and boy were we entertained. You could tell that Nory was scanning the crowd to make sure every person was dancing and having a good time. And if they weren’t, he made it his mission to figure out a way to get everyone’s feet moving. A few songs in, and everyone was movin’ and groovin’.

Off stage, Nory is thoughtful and introspective, drawing inspiration from every corner of music, from jazz and rap to Icelandic indie music, to craft unique music that sounds different from what he’s done before.

On stage he becomes a world class entertainer, doing what he needs to make sure the audience has a good time, whether the audience is looking to dance at a nightclub or mosh at a hole in the wall. Nory will read the crowd and become what’s needed of him. If the crowd needs someone that will rage with them, he channels Zack de la Rocha. If the crowd needs some funk, he’ll channel James Brown.

You don’t need to take our word for it. Check out his video at the top and let us know what you think.